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Piercing aftercare




Most piercings are done with jewelry that will need to be downsized at a later date. This is done to allow room for swelling. When your jewelry is ready to be changed, come on in and we can show you how to change it.


Body Piercings:

We suggest cleaning your piercings once a day, (Twice if you get really dirty) with a super mild liquid hand soap. You should avoid the use of antibacterial soaps. (NO DIAL SOAP) We have found that antibacterial soaps are just generally too harsh for the care of a fresh piercing.

We also suggest that you avoid cleaning the piercing with alcohol, peroxide or any topical ointments. (No neosporin or bactine)

You are going to want to use a salt-water or sterile saline rinse with your fresh piercing 3-4 times a day. You can make or buy the rinse. If you make it, you should dillute 4 teaspoons of non-iodized sea salt to a gallon of distilled water. If you buy it, make sure to buy a saline rinse that is made for wound care. Not the saline that is for contact lenses or nasal sprays.

You should AVOID TOUCHING your new piercings. The more you touch

your piercing, the more problems you are going to have with them. DO NOT TOUCH THEM. You may have been told that you should spin your piercings a lot to prevent them from growing to you. We suggest NOT TOUCHING PIERCINGS. Do not spin them. And when in doubt, DO NOT TOUCH YOUR PIERCINGS!

Each piercing will have a sperate healing time. If you forgot your healing time, then call us up.



Oral Piercings:

We suggest cleaning oral piercings with mouthwash. As far as what type of mouthwash you should use, you should make sure that your mouth wash does not contain alcohol. This will help your piercing heal faster without causing too much damage. Use the mouth wash 3-5 times a day. Anything over 5 is usually too much and can actually cause damage to the piercing. If you find yourself overdoing it, then you can also rinse your mouth out with plain water.