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Tattoo Aftercare


We suggest you remove the bandage in thirty minutes to two hours after getting your new tattoo and wash twice to remove any build up of plasma. At least once or twice a day gently wash your tattoo with a mild antimicrobial hand soap then pat dry with a clean towel. Do not use anything abrasive while cleaning or drying for two weeks and make sure your tattoo is the last thing you wash and the first thing you dry. Use a small amount of bacitracin ointment for five days, spread thinly so there is little to no shine and do not cover or wrap after applying ointment. The next five to seven days switch to an unscented lotion as needed. Scabbing and flaking is normal, do not pick at the scabs or scratch your tattoo. For two weeks avoid hot tubs, tanning, saunas and swimming pools. We guarantee all of our work so once your new tattoo is completely healed you can come back in within three months for a touch up on any area that healed rough.